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    About Us

    Mr. Vinod Chavan

    • I have been providing Insurance to our clients since 2001. We are a full service ; Independent Agency which allows us to provide clients with several competitive alternative Insurance & Investment options. My well trained team is ready and willing to provide service to our clients.

      Mission :
      Helping customer recognize their financial goals and make them a reality.

      HISTORY :
      I have been in the insurance industry since began my career as an Insurance Advisor in 2001. In the mid 2006 I decided to branch out and add Health Insurance / Mutual funds to my list of expertise. For this I upped and did "CFP" and started providing Financial Planning Solution to my clients.

      For over 22 years, I have been focused on helping our customer navigate saving option, protect and grow their retirement income, and prepare for the financial challenges that come at every stage of life.

      My philosophy
      “I have to be a hard worker, listen to what the client needs, and work towards their goals.”

      We provide solutions like
      1- Retirement planning 2- Estate Planning Services 3-Legacy planning 4-Child Education Planning

      “ I am pride ourselves in adjusting with the times to provide the best and most competitive insurance & investments available in today’s market.”