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    Health insurance evolving to suit millennial needs

    India has a major share of the millennial demographic — 34% of the total population — to be precise. While this might be a significant percentage, before the pandemic struck, this consumer segment seldom considered having an adequate insurance policy.

    Life insurance products get a fillip during pandemic

    There has been a rise in awareness about the benefits of insurance, but the sector still has a long way to go

    Tips to save on motor insurance premium

    You can explore pay as you go model and work on deductibles, too Do you own a four-wheeler but find commuting via public transport on a daily basis more feasible than driving? Or are you someone who owns more than one vehicle but usually drives one of them more than the others? If yes, here are a few tips for you to save on your motor insurance premium.

    Government makes FASTag mandatory along with motor insurance from April

    Ministry of Road Trasport & Highways (MoRTH) on Saturday said that a valid FASTag is mandatory while getting a new third party insurance through an amendment in Form 51 (Certificate of Insurance), wherein the details of FASTag ID shall be captured and this will be applicable from April 1.

    How to ensure income security for seniors

    The Draft National Policy for Senior Citizens has rightly placed emphasis on promoting the existing pension programmes

    LIC’s equity investments ride high on market surge

    India’s largest life insurer, Life Insurance Corporation, has raked in tidy gains on its equity investments so far this fiscal, thanks to a sanguine capital market. LIC has booked profits of ₹14,857 crore as against ₹11,437 crore last year for the same period (April to September) showing a growth of 30.37 per cent.

    Government withdraws order making wage pay mandatory during lockdown

    It will not be mandatory for businesses now to pay wages to their workers during the lockdown. The Home Ministry’s guidelines for the fourth phase of lockdown starting Monday has withdrawn the order for such an action.

    LIC posts 25.17 per cent growth in first-year new business premium in FY20

    State-owned Life Insurance Corporation of India said it has achieved highest number of policies for the last six years in 2019-20. In a round-up of its performance for the last fiscal, LIC said it registered a growth of 25.17 per cent in first-year new business premium when compared to private players who collectively achieved a premium growth rate of 11.64 per cent.

    Tokyo Olympics to be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021

    The 2020 Olympics have been postponed amid the global coronavirus pandemic that has brought nearly all sport to a halt worldwide.

    LIC gains market share with individual new business premium growing 44% in January

    Growth has been driven by LIC's products that were closed and re-launched in February

    LIC policy will retain its sovereign guarantee: FM

    Says IPO of insurance major will not lead to change in ownership

    LIC increases market share in first-year premium income

    Crosses last fiscal’s figure with 67 days to spare this year

    What happens when you don’t pay your life insurance premiums?

    An insurance company’s obligation to pay out is contingent upon whether the premium has been paid

    LIC claims to have registered increase in market share

    Life Insurance Corporation of India said it has registered a significant increase in market share in the current financial year and that its market share during November 2019 is 84.82% in the number of policies and 71.59% in first-year premium income.

    Moneywise | One size does not fit all in life insurance

    Ideally, sum assured should be 12-15 times of your dependent family’s annual expenses

    LIC expects to achieve policy sale, first premium targets

    The corporation started the financial year with 74% share in life insurance policies and 66% in first-year premium income.

    Life insurance: holding out hope for the future

    When life ends prematurely, hope has another name. Life insurance. The real benefit of life insurance has been clouded by less important objectives like investment returns and tax benefits, especially in India. At its core, life insurance protects against the risk of dying too soon.

    How to safeguard your money in risky times and always

    If you thought debt funds were a bad idea earlier this year, then the DHFL saga in June 2019 would have given you a shock about corporate deposits. If you then consoled yourself saying there are still banks, the PMC Bank episode would have broken that thin confidence left.